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Build your own Snowboard Snowboardbuildlesson - 3 afternoons

Build your own Snowboard (BYOS) in our professionally furnished workshop under the guidance of our experts.

Build your own Snowboard Snowboardbuildlesson - 3 afternoons
Build your own Snowboard Snowboardbuildlesson - 3 afternoons

Zeit & Ort

Appointment will be confirmed

Überland Str. 81, Überland Str. 81, 8050 Zürich, Schweiz

Über die Veranstaltung

The “Build your own Snowboard Workshop” (BYOS Workshop) includes the following:

Within 3 afternoons of your choice (18:00pm - 22:00pm) you can build your own Snowboard according to you wishes/choices with the help of our experts. All the materials, required tools, protective equipment and aids will be provided by the Bboard team.


Course/ Plan of the Workshop:


Configure and order your snowboard using the BBoard Customizer no later than 1 week before of the start of the workshop. Like this we are able to prepare everything according to your participation.


1st Afternoon:

- Production of the wooden core including sidewalls, tip filler, binding inserts

- Cutting out the base


2nd Afternoon

- Attach steel edges to the base

- Prepare all materials for the pressing process

- Pressing the snowboard

3rd Afternoon:

- Sawing out the pressed snowboard

- Milling the sidewall contour

- Sanding and finishing of the snowboard

- Waxing in of the base

Workshop costs:


The costs for the workshop come to the price of a total of CHF 889. This includes all materials, tools, protective equipment, drinks and snacks. "Design on request" work (can be selected in the configurator), main meals and any overnight stays are excluded.


Registration for the workshop:


1. Fill out the booking form with all the necessary details.

2. Let us know your preferred dates.

3. You will receive your appointment confirmation from us via telephone.

The workshop is only booked as soon as the full amount has been transacted to our account and your snowboard has been defined in the customizer.


Additional Information:


We are recommending you to wear working clothes or clothes that can get dirty (paint, glue, etc.). You should wear closed shoes. Protective clothing, such as breathing masks or protective gloves, are provided by the Bboard team.

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